Manolo for the Beauty » V Magazine Somehow Makes Beautiful Women Ugly

V Magazine Somehow Makes Beautiful Women Ugly

By Glinda

Gorgeous women. Bad, bad, photos.

All right, even trying to disregard the badly placed and colored V, WTF? Jane recently admitted to having plastic surgery, and they really did do a good job because she still looks pretty natural and well, like Jane Fonda.  However, why do they have her hands placed on the side of her head as if she was trying to pull up her face? Or holding up her hair. And why is her hair sticking straight up off of her head? Everybody hated when Ke$ha did it, it doesn’t look any better on Jane.  Isn’t the open mouth photo the one we are always yelling at people not to take of us, as we are ready to take a bite of something?  “Don’t take a picture of me with my mouth open, for god’s sake!” But here’s Jane, right on the cover with the very same look.  So many questions, so little answers.

Next up we’ve got the stunning Sigourney Weaver, who has somehow defaulted to the “I’m having a bad hair day” soccer mom hairdo. A baseball cap? If they are trying to evoke youthful playfulness, it’s not working. This is  freaking Ripley people, not some poor schmuck who’s running late to carpool.  I take strong issue with the fact that we have what basically amounts to an upshot of her nose.  Well, at least the V frames her face nicely, and that’s all the good I have to say about this one.

Oh lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do. The wig Susan Sarandon is so gamely sporting looks like it came out of a moth-eaten trunk from the wardrobe of a small-town, low-budget production of Lady Macbeth.  If you look past the egregious hair, she definitely looks the best of the bunch.  Which isn’t saying a whole lot.

If that’s the best they can do with the wonderful subjects they had to photograph, no wonder everyone is afraid of aging.

2 Responses to “V Magazine Somehow Makes Beautiful Women Ugly”

  1. aurumgirl Says:

    Funny thing about each of those photos: the women in them are all shown trying to look “young”–Fonda’s bent-over, ass-in-the-air photo while she’s wearing an animal print whatever makes me think “PornoCougar”. Sigourney in a baseball cap makes me think she’s trying to revisit youth by dressing like a child. Susan Sarandon in false lashes and a fright wig she was too old for as a costume in Rocky Horror Picture Show makes me think of a kid playing dress up in mommy’s closet. They’ve all been depicted here as if they were all making desperate attempts to look young–not as the creative, vibrant, energetic, contributing, and evolving artists in their fields of accomplishment.

    It’s like the magazine meant to embarrass them.

  2. BSAG Says:

    First thought: Is that Jocelyn Wildenstein? Oh wait, it’s Jane Fonda.
    Second thought: Janet’s ready for the floor show.

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