Manolo for the Beauty » What’s New: Sephora Pantone Universe Palette, and a Little Mini-Controversy

What’s New: Sephora Pantone Universe Palette, and a Little Mini-Controversy

By Glinda

I got an email today about this new Sephora “nature inspired” palette.  Right now only V.I.B’s (Very Important Beauty Insider=You spend entirely too much money at Sephora)  can purchase it, so I went to look and see what the fuss was about.

Well, when I looked in the comments section, there are a bunch of annoyed V.I.B’s who learned that other (we assume randomly selected, although no one will cop out) V.I.B’s got this palette for free and are giving it wonderful reviews.

The non-comped people are saying that of course the freebie-receivers are only saying nice things about it, presumably in the hope that they will continue getting free things.  Some of them are even saying that since Sephora was so unfair in their goodie distribution process, they will boycott the product altogether.


I can sort of see their point, but really, it’s just a palette, people!  It certainly wasn’t possible to send a free one to every single V.I.B., and as long as the process was random, I guess I’m OK with it.

What about you? Fair or unfair? A big ado about nothing?



4 Responses to “What’s New: Sephora Pantone Universe Palette, and a Little Mini-Controversy”

  1. Aurumgirl Says:

    Unfair. And also silly marketing. Who leaked the knews about an “elite” group receiving the palette for free? Rather, who didn’t think that little detail would slip?

    If I’d been selected to “buy” it in return for my loyalty as a customer, and then I found out others were given the palette for free, I wouldn’t return to the store. Period. Sephora isn’t a monopoly.

  2. Glinda Says:

    @aurumgirl- I don’t think anyone leaked it, but the first two pages of reviews were from those who stated they received the palette for free. Perhaps it was a term set by Sephora, I don’t know.

  3. Cat Says:

    Meh. If it were something cooler, I might be miffed that I didn’t receive one, but since I’ve been unimpressed with Sephora’s eyeshadow palettes in the past (and since I wouldn’t use half of those colors anyway) I don’t really care. If they’d sent me one it just would have sat around cluttering up my already beyond cluttered make-up area and collecting dust.

  4. R Says:

    Im a VIB who didnt get it. Its a bit unfair that only an elite group of VIBs got it when we are all supposed to be in the same “category”. Anyways I’m not buying it.

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