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You Can Put Lipstick on a Man…

By Glinda

But it doesn’t necessarily mean he will look good.

However, that wasn’t the case at the latest Vivienne Westwood show, where all the male models with their perfect hair and bone structure, wore lipstick. Most of them sported deep red, but kudos the makeup artists for matching the scarf on the skull sweater outfit perfectly.

At Tom and Lorenzo, the site where I lifted the pictures from, a bunch of commenters are freaking out about the whole lipstick thang.


For whatever reason, men in makeup gives me not a moment of pause, especially at something like a fashion show.  But that could be due to the fact that I was born and raised in Southern California, and there are plenty of weird things to see here, to which men with lip rouge pale in comparison. 

The entire point of a fashion show is to get people talking and push boundaries and all that.  Men in lipstick is hardly groundbreaking.

Men wore makeup for a very long time, and only in the past hundred years or so has it gone out of fashion. Well, I’m always one for equal opportunity beauty and I think it’s just a matter of time before the pendulum swings back the other way. 

There are certainly worse things in the world than men wearing makeup.

Those drop-crotch pants, for one.

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