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Friday, August 31st, 2012
By Glinda

Excuse me, lady, you are getting in the way of my eye candy.  Kindly shove off…

Eye Artistry Goes 3-D

Thursday, August 30th, 2012
By Glinda

Even if I can’t see myself wearing any of this any time soon, that doesn’t make it any less awesome.  Artist =pixiecold shows us how it’s done…


L’Orange in L’Officiel

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012
By Glinda

Sure, I’ll bite.

It seems to me that there is an interesting trend occurring with women’s hair.

Mainly, that nobody seems to give two hoots about “proper” hair color any more.

Which is both good and bad.

Good that women feel that they can walk out of the house with lime green or purple hair, dammit, if that is the mood they are in today.  I am all for experimentation of color.

Bad in that sometimes color can be injudiciously applied, thus making one’s freedom of choice amount to choosing to look like a clown.

It is a double-edged sword, my friends.

Katy Perry’s orange hair is actually a surprisingly subdued look for her.  I don’t mind it in the least.

Kim Kardashian Channels Diana Ross

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
By Glinda

And scares all the little children.

I’m going to go out on a limb and tag this photo as the main inspiration behind Kim’s look for a photo shoot:

I’m sorry, but Miss Diana has more talent and fierce diva-liciousness in her pinky toe than Kim Kardashian could ever hope to have.

Let us pray that Kim’s published photos are in black and white, for the sake of everyone’s retinas.

Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, August 27th, 2012
By Glinda

Well, most of you think that Queen Latifah looks juuuust fiiiine for a hot August night.  57% of you, in fact.  12% of you thought she could have done something more, and the rest just respected the thought of not having to worry about makeup melt.   Personally I thought she looked fresh and lovely, as always.

Today I want to know how you feel about the dip-dye trend for hair.


Friday, August 24th, 2012
By Glinda

Oh Viggo, you say that there’s plenty of room on the bed for both of us?  Why, don’t mind if I do…


And in the fairly short amount of time I’ve been doing Opposite Sex Appreciation Day, I have definitely noticed that even as I marvel/drool at the physical perfection of male models, it’s the actors who really pull me in.

Sofia Vergara as Lucy

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
By Glinda

This time, the transformative powers of makeup failed to manifest…

Save Ferris!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
By Glinda

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title.  I was in high school when Ferris Bueller came out, and my husband and I watched it not too long ago.  It holds up after all these years fantastically.

And speaking of aging fantastically, some recent pictures of the female lead from Ferris Bueller have been making the rounds on the interwebs.  Basically because Mia Sara looks damn good.  I can’t tell you how much I love her picture, the fact that she has crow’s feet/laugh lines and owns them!  She was lovely then, and is lovely now. This is what real, non-surgical aging looks like, people!  I want more!


Product Review: Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
By Glinda

Someone who knows me well gifted me with a three-month Birchbox subscription, and I just received my first box two days ago.   I’m a little too new to the whole Birchbox thing to pronounce judgement upon it yet, but I’ll be sure to do so when my subscription is up.

One of the products inside was Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss  in a bright fuchsia.   Not my normal go-to color, but I know that what the product looks like in the packaging doesn’t necessarily translate to what it looks like on your skin.  This would be one of those times.

It went on without any real tackiness (which I LOATHE in a lip gloss) but not in a way that I would call slick, either.  It was surprisingly thick in texture.  It had a fair amount of shine, and not a whole lot of color.   Even with the brightness, it barely made a color impact on my lips.   It was impressively shiny, so I suppose if you wanted a medium amount of color and a lot of shine, two coats might do the trick.

The size of the gloss was actually minuscule, almost like it belonged on a charm bracelet, which is fairly insulting because it isn’t like I was getting the product for free.  I’ve been given much bigger samples at the beauty counter and not had to pay a cent.

So, given the lack of color and the decision to provide such a small sample, I don’t think I will be purchasing this gloss any time soon.




Monday Beauty Poll

Monday, August 20th, 2012
By Glinda

65% of you felt that Rachel Bilson’s attempt at a different hairstyle was a big flop.  25% were confused as to exactly what kind of hairstyle it was, and the rest of you were split at 4% each for fab and confusing.  Alert to celebrities, if the public does not know what the heck you have done with your hair, you should either hire a stylist or fire your stylist.

Today I came across the above picture of the lovely Queen Latifah on a “worst” celebrity list for her lack of eye makeup/sufficient lip color at a birthday party.   It was a BIG birthday party, but still just technically a birthday party in the heat of August.

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