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Makeup Tutorials on the Net

By Glinda

Based on some communications with Accidental Tangoiste and the lovely Gamma, today’s post is about video makeup tutorials.  For the visual leanrners amongst us, there is nothing quite like actually seeing how the makeup is applied, rather than reading about it.  I must admit, it can be very helpful to see the application techniques the pros use.

However, there are literally millions of makeup tutorials on YouTube.  It would take someone days and days to go through them all, just to figure out if they were even any good or not.

I do not have that kind of time.

I’m sure you don’t either.

So what is my fail-proof method for finding great tutorials on teh interwebs?

I search for beauty brands that I like or stores that I like (hello Sephora!) and find out if they have their own YouTube channel.  Most of the time, they do.

Like this smokey eye tutorial from Sephora:

Or this one from Temptalia:

How about this from makeup guru Lisa Eldridge?  I particularly like this one because homegirl knows her stuff, has a lovely accent, and has lots of extra tips!

This isn’t to say that the “amatuer” video tutorials aren’t worth anything, (some of them have millions of views!) it’s just that if I’m looking to minimize my search time, I’m going to start off with a well-known brand, store, or makeup artist.

I’m also going to add that I think for makeup newbies or someone who isn’t that into makeup, having the right tools is half the battle!

Sigh, imagine if Kevyn Aucoin was still around and had his own YouTube channel! Swoon!

5 Responses to “Makeup Tutorials on the Net”

  1. gamma Says:

    Thank you Glinda! An interesting sampling of smoky eye techniques. I’ve always been afraid to try it, but now I can be brave. It may not be my look, but I can experiment and find out with a little more confidence.

  2. Klee Says:

    Lisa Eldridge’s nail polish is killing me. MUST FIND (for feet tho).

    ps, thanks, Glinda!

  3. SarahDances Says:

    Pixiwoo is my personal go-to for makeup tutorials. Two sisters who are professional makeup artists, and they update A LOT with looks from music videos, runway shows, or just whatever is trendy or people request.

  4. The Accidental Tangoiste Says:

    Like Gamma, it’s going to take some experimenting for me (definitely want to avoid any resemblance to Taylor Momsen!), but I certainly appreciate the guidance! Thank you very much, Glinda

  5. Madame Suggia Says:

    Pixiwoo. All the time, every time. There are a few others…makeupgeek is pretty good too, but for a sure-fire killer look with easy how-to steps, it’s Pixiwoo FTW.

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