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Oh Marc Jacobs, Now You’ve Gone and Done It

By Glinda

Ok, so the very large perfume bottle placed suggestively in the crotchal area is definitely NOT a new thing for you.

But, ah, apparently it doesn’t have to be groundbreaking to be offensive, especially when it’s a 17 year old. Britain has banned the ad for Oh Lola! featuring Dakota Fanning.

I understand that sex is used to sell pretty much everything, but is it too much for me to expect it to at least be subtle? Or is that just being a hypocrite?

5 Responses to “Oh Marc Jacobs, Now You’ve Gone and Done It”

  1. Aurumgirl Says:

    Oh, these probably just weren’t selling. Lola II and Daisy II are pretty much generic and these “new” forms are just flankers, they’re not even “new releases” of brand new product. We all know the best way to sell dead product is to create controversy. You can bet Jacobs’ marketing folk worked their asses off to get these ads banned, just in time for X-mas.

  2. Little Red Says:

    These are nothing when you compare it to the ones by Tom Ford!

  3. Glinda Says:

    @Aurumgirl and Little Red- Agree on both counts!

  4. Aurumgirl Says:

    I keep seeing these “banned” ads, but definitely not in magazines or billboards or any place you’d expect to see ads for Xmas product. I keep seeing them in articles about why they were banned! So, in actuality, Jacobs is “advertising” his product in media without having to pay a cent to put them out there, during what is the most lucrative ad space selling time of the year (next to the SuperBowl).

    Talk about marketing success.

  5. raincoaster Says:

    One thing nobody here is saying: both of those would hurt like heck and those boys should see a specialist. Growths like that are nothing to laugh at.

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