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So Old, It’s New

By Glinda

Inspired by the mid-to-late 18th Century (but without the boats, birdcages, and such) hairstyles worn by women of fashion.   For a quick overview of the history of this period in hair, go here.

Love it.

I think I would like to have my hair done to look like this at least once in my life.  I don’t know where the hell I would go with it, but I would look great doing whatever it was I was doing.  Fellow soccer moms, taste the bitterness that comes with a wash and go!

Pictures may be NSFW, so I’ll include them after the jump.  Because I love you and I don’t want you to get fired.


3 Responses to “So Old, It’s New”

  1. Kimks Says:


  2. Cassie Says:

    You know where you go after getting your hair done like this? One of two places. 1. A Halloween party where you are dressing like Marie Antoinette or 2. Your wedding. The last photo in particular feels very bridal to me.

    I think it’s impressive, the artistry in these styles, but I just . . . no. Not for me. Which is strange, because normally I LOVE big hair in any iteration (I think I was a Texas beauty queen in another life). These just leave me cold, though.

  3. raincoaster Says:

    Did they have brown roots back then too?

    PS I did this by accident once with that powder from Aveda to embiggen your hair. BOY does that work!

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